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One Human Alien is a New York lifestyle and writing blog. It’s my life in print—the sum of seven years in NYC, spent obsessively taking in every bit of the City and putting it all down on paper. As a fiction writer, New York City is an absolute dream. There’s more inspiration here, and more opportunity for creative growth, than anywhere else in the world.

I’ve spent my entire life telling stories. I’ve spent countless days typing away in restaurants, bars, and just about everywhere else in NYC. If I have anything to show for spending all my time bringing my daydreams to life while relentlessly eating and drinking my way through New York, it’s knowing this town like the back of my hand. And being so intimately acquainted with New York has taught me a whole lot about humanity, which in turn has made me a whole lot better at telling stories. Writing is like breathing for me, and I owe that in part to NYC.

I freelance in my off time and am currently editing my first novel (and my real name is Katie Flynn). But Human Alien is pure fun. It’s my way of disconnecting from the stress of daily life, and an ode to my two greatest loves—storytelling and New York City.

*Content Warning: Extensive, self-important description of my personality. Just in case anyone wants the full story.

(Am I a good alien or a bad alien?)

I have no idea.

Probably chaotic neutral but always striving for self-improvement. I have exactly three friends and the tolerance for distress of a toddler. Professional byline—writer living in Brooklyn…but I don’t usually think of myself as professional. I barely think of myself as an Earthling, although I identify intensely as a New Yorker. I love this city so, so much. Also a big fan of my cats, and obsessed with my family. As a child of two nerds with a passion for the paranormal, both voted “most unique” in high school (congrats, class of ‘84!), I am genetically predisposed towards the surreal. At the same time, a typical product of my generation. Some additional information––in early July of 1994, a massive comet shot through the solar system. Jupiter is still scarred by the experience. In early July of 1994, I touched down on this planet. My mother and father are still scarred by the experience. I don’t know what this means, but I think there might be a correlation.

I graduated from NYU in 2016 and went on to work multiple terrible jobs. Always scrounging for odd ways to make a buck. And I write a lot, in various capacities. That’s more or less the extent of my resume.

To circle back around, I really am always striving for self-improvement and have been a good person on several occasions. I also sometimes accept constructive criticism without getting mad or crying. On that note, if you’re still interested in interacting with me, all questions and inquiries can be sent through the contact form.

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