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*Constantly learning, constantly updating.

It’s extremely important to me to do my part in making the world a more accepting, gentle place. I’ve long been pretty horrified at the tendency of humans to be hateful and prejudiced, but in recent months I’ve become especially committed, as many people have, to fighting systemic racism and doing my part to protect marginalized communities.

With that said, I really am trying to remove “I” from my conversations about racism and inequality. Two things I’ve learned—

1. While it’s important to acknowledge our privilege, it’s also super important for white people to recognize that this IS NOT ABOUT US. Truly being an ally to the black community necessitates not having to constantly talk about what you’re doing for black people and just doing it.

2. Educate yourself. There’s so much information out there. It’s not on black people to teach you how you can help. And understand that educating yourself is very much an ongoing process.

On that note, here are the Instagram accounts that I’ve found most informative. By no means an exhaustive list. Most of these accounts belong to BLM activists, but some (towards the end) are more general social justice, with an emphasis on intersectionality.

Places to donate…again, not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start—

Final note—I’ve long since realized it’s impossible to be truly anti-racist and be apolitical. At this point, it needs to be acknowledged that one of the most effective ways to fight inequality is to vote, and vote democrat.

As time goes on, I am more and more unable to tolerate not only Trump supporters but republicans in general. Obviously the president is an egomaniacal human shitstain. That’s not news, and in some ways that isn’t even the larger issue at hand. He’s a pathological narcissist. Full stop. The real issue is the fact that this guy has got an entire political party enabling him and proving time and time again there is virtually nothing he could do to make them abandon him. And at the heart of the Trump presidency and general absence of morality in the republican party is the most base instinct of humanity to demonize the Other and subjugate the weak. He appeals to fear, and hate, and there’s no getting through to his supporters primarily because you cannot force somebody to care about other people. Now that we’ve voted him out, I believe things will get much better. But the work isn’t done. This was a terrifyingly close election, which shows how deep ignorance and bigotry run in this country…which I really shouldn’t be shocked by. It’s more important now than ever to hold Biden and Harris accountable, and to make sure Republicans who have supported and continue to support Trump will not get away with their behavior over the past four years.