NYC Favorites, Packed and Shipped

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After a couple weeks in captivity, I am really, really missing my favorite NYC fewds. Even getting delivery is discouraged, and most of my favorite spots are in Manhattan or other parts of Brooklyn anyway. So I was no less than thrilled when I found that several of the City’s best restaurants and cafes are shipping (different than delivering) some of their best sellers. Not all cheap options, but if you look at how much the more expensive items would cost in the actual restaurant, shipped meals are generally around the same as the price of dinner out. Some of these do require some basic meal prep, but I was capable of doing it and I can barely cook an egg.

Milk Bar birthday cake truffles, delivered. Dropped this one immediately after taking the picture, but there are only twelve in the box and I didn’t want to waste it so I followed the five second rule and grabbed it off the ground. Still squishy and Funfetti batter delicious…only a little bit of cat hair.
  • Milk Bar: Lord. As previously mentioned, my favorite dessert place in the whole city. I usually go for the Cereal Milk ice cream, which obviously cannot be shipped. On my last day out before going into quarantine, I went to their flagship and bought a pint of it, then made several stops before going home, at which point it had totally melted and was streaming down my arm. So I missed that bus, but there’s plenty of good stuff on the website. Particularly recommend their truffles.
  • Becky’s Bites: One of my East Village favorites, another dessert place…they’re known for their childhood throwback snack-packs (as a Dunkaroo fan this really excites me). Lots of variety, good prices.
  • Katz’s Deli: Absolute New York classic. The meal kits aren’t cheap, but for a celebratory / consolation dinner “out” while in quarantine, they look great. Disclaimer, I have not tried this one. But I’ve been to Katz’s at least once a month since I’ve lived here and have never once been disappointed.
  • Emmy Squared: Fancy Detroit style pizza, usually found in a trendy East Village eatery (they actually have multiple locations, although I only go to the East Village one). Highly recommend despite high prices. Try to remember how much you spend on a typical meal out in this God-forsaken city.
  • Shake Shack: Shack Burgers at home. I’ve actually considered making these myself from scratch after finding the recipe online, but jumped ship as soon as I saw they put like ten different types of meat and a bunch of other random shit into the patty alone. Too much work. This is much easier.
  • Stumptown: Best coffee in New York. I’ve been sitting at the Ace Hotel having panic attacks due to consuming several cups in a few hours since the day I got to the city. Very good stuff, 10/10.
  • Serendipity3: New York classic featured in many shows and movies. The cramped, tchotchke filled restaurant itself is definitely a big part of the experience, but given that the full-experience also usually includes an hour long wait, the at-home version may be pretty great in its own right. Their trademark frozen hot chocolate is available for shipping nationwide.
  • Junior’s: Iconic NYC cheesecake, and the first place anybody (my boss at my after-school job in high school) recommended to me in the City. I dismissed it as a tourist-trap and refused to try it for years because it was in Times Square. But it’s the shit. Expensive shit, but good for a birthday or anniversary or existential crisis.
  • Vosges: Awesome little chocolate shop in Soho with weird, exotic sounding truffles that actually aren’t as scary as they sound (ingredients include things like curry, absinthe, wasabi, paprika…lots of things that sound like they would be horrible paired with chocolate but are not).
  • Beecher’s: Originally a Seattle place, they now have a location in Flatiron and ship nationwide. Beecher’s does one thing and they do it very well. Cheese, in all forms. I especially love their mac n’ cheese, and it’s available online.
Beecher’s—shipped mac is not as good as the food in the restaurant, tbh, but it’s still incredibly dank.